Welcome to NAWBO-SA... Started in 1998 as a collection of innovators; NAWBO-SA is the premier organization for women business owners in San Antonio. Our burning ideas led to starting this chapter and develop its programs, some of which are recognized on a national scale. We invite you to be part of the conversation...


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March 2015 Member Spotlight

                            In the Spotlight                          
San Antonio

Sponsored By:

NAWBO-SA Member Since 2013
Heather Tessmer, Owner
Tessmer Law Firm, PLLC

Heather Tessmer
Heather Tessmer is the Owner and Senior Attorney of Tessmer Law Firm, PLLC, with offices in the Lincoln Center building in San Antonio, Texas.   Heather established her law practice in 2001 after earning her J.D. from St. Mary’s University School of Law.   Tessmer Law Firm, PLLC, offers legal services statewide in the areas of Family Law, Personal Injury, Estate Planning and Business Formation.

Heather is known for her creative, edgy “Ever Argue with a Woman” marketing campaign in the San Antonio area.  She was recently featured in San Antonio Woman Magazine and in the San Antonio Business Journal, receiving the honor of being named one of 2014’s Outstanding Lawyers.   Of the fourteen named by the Journal, Heather is the only Family Law attorney to make the list.   Her commitment to practicing law with integrity and providing compassionate legal service has made Heather a highly desired attorney throughout San Antonio and surrounding counties.

Heather grew up in Sunrise Beach, Texas, where her parents owned and operated Sandyland Resort on Lake LBJ.   She began working at the resort’s restaurant at the age of 10.   Upon leaving for college, she said to her father, “I’ll never flip another burger as long as I live!”

Her first job out of college was at a Burger King in Ausburg, Germany, where her husband was stationed while he served in the Air Force.   This is just one of the colorful turns along Heather’s path to becoming a successful attorney.   Her willingness to “do whatever it takes” is a recurring theme in the success of Tessmer Law Firm, PLLC.

Heather was not a typical law student.   She received her undergraduate degree from San Angelo State University, meeting her husband of 25 years while attending school there.   Three short days after their wedding, she moved to Augsburg, where Kevin worked as a Czechoslovakian linguist.   A hiring freeze on base limited Heather’s job opportunities to working at that Burger King, but she quickly moved on to a new position catering for the base Officer’s Club.

After the fall of the Berlin Wall, Kevin was no longer needed in Germany.   The couple moved to Monterey, California where he retrained as a Spanish linguist.   Following that, the Tessmers were stationed in San Antonio, where Heather began working as Assistant Director of Operations for The RK Group, a catering company that served what is now the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center.

Having an interest in becoming a lawyer since high school, Heather applied to St. Mary’s University School of Law.   She was pregnant with her first child, Chase, and was due to deliver five days after she was accepted.   St. Mary’s advised her to defer her law school start date until after Chase was born.   She reapplied when Chase was a year old and was put on a wait list.   “They called me three days before school started and said, OK, you’re in.”   Heather quit her job and started law school with a one-year old baby.   She became pregnant with her second child, Abby, during her second year of law school, and gave birth to Abby on the first day of third year finals.   “I had a C-section, my newborn was in intensive care, but I was still able to make my last final.   I didn’t do real well on that particular test, but I did it!” Heather served as Associate Editor of the St. Mary’s Law Journal and participated in mock trial and moot court competitions.

Shortly after graduating law school at the top of her class, the family was transferred back to San Angelo and Heather set up her law practice.   But just before Kevin was set to retire, the Air Force sent the family back to San Antonio.   Heather moved her practice to the San Antonio area and Tessmer Law Firm, PLLC was born.   Settling in Fair Oaks Ranch, Kevin is now retired, Chase is a student at UTSA and Abby is a sophomore at Boerne Champion High School.

Running a law firm is demanding, but Heather encourages balance and “family first” to her staff and clientele.   Much of her outside-the-office time is spent with family activities.   Chase is a member of the UTSA Roadrunner Marching Band, while Abby is co-captain of the varsity cheerleading squad at Champion High School.   You will find Heather and Kevin in the stands, cheering loudly every fall football season.   The family also enjoys traveling together.   A travel highlight this past summer was a cruise from Amsterdam to Budapest, in celebration of Chase’s high school graduation.

Heather is active in Rotary International, Hill Country Women in Business, and is a board member for Kronkosky Place Senior Center.   Giving back to her community and those less fortunate is very important, as well.   Heather sponsors Eva’s Heroes, the Boerne Education Foundation, the Kendall County Women’s Shelter and participates in the Community Justice Program which offers pro bono legal clinics in San Antonio. Heather is also an avid gardener, a voracious reader, a fantastic chef and loves to crochet.

Congratulations Heather!!! 
NAWBO San Antonio appreciates all you do!

NAWBO-SA Partner since 2005
San Antonio Woman

Nicole Greenberg
SAN ANTONIO WOMAN was launched in 2002 as the city’s leading lifestyle magazine about living in San Antonio from a woman’s perspective.  Featuring leading women from the city and its surrounding areas, the full-color magazine offers perspectives on women in business, health, beauty, parenting, senior care giving, travel, arts and culture, dining and more. The magazine also designs and publishes special sections to spotlight causes and initiatives important to our readers including breast cancer with the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, women and heart disease with the American Heart Association, The March of Dimes, Texas Organ Sharing Alliance, as well as for The Junior League and Girl Scouts, among others. The magazine also publishes annual directories for private schools, summer camps and women in real estate.

Over the past decade SAN ANTONIO WOMAN has developed long-term affiliations with National Association of Women Business Owners, North San Antonio Chamber of Commerce, San Antonio Women’s Chamber of Commerce and Women’s Regional Publications of America.

Readers can get copies of the magazine throughout San Antonio, the Texas Hill Country, Aransas Pass, Rockport and Laredo.   More than 400 locations throughout San Antonio carry the magazine including 75 H-E-B stores.   The magazine’s paid subscriber base includes readers in 244 U.S. cities in 37 states.   The magazine’s companion website, SAwoman.com enjoys over 100,000 views per year.

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