Women Mean Business Meeting
Thursday, October 27, 2016
7:30 to 9:00 a.m.
The Petroleum Club


Weathering the Conflict Storm:
Strategies for Diminishing Destruction


We have all experienced severe, forceful and damaging storms. A conflict storm entails intense emotional drama and destructive reactions resulting in damaged relationships, much like the impact from Mother Nature's wrath. This interactive seminar introduces conflict competence, which is the ability to manage everyday conflict and full blown disputes productively and constructively. As a result of this seminar, participants will be able to:

·       Use a tool to analyze an interpersonal conflict.

·       Identify personal triggers leading to reactive behaviors.

·       Apply STEPS to minimize the damage from intense emotional conflict.

About the Speaker:

Patricia Porter, LCSW, Founder and President

Patricia Porter is a senior mediator, team facilitator, senior trainer and conflict management/abrasive leader coach since 1994. She helps employees, teams and senior leadership work through conflict and change productively. Patricia helps her clients improve communication, modify destructive behavior and apply conflict management strategies. She is the author of the Minibuks®, Stop the Dreaded Drama: 55 Tips for Ending Destructive Conflict and Stop Avoiding Conflict: Learn How to Address Disputes Before They Erupt. She is the Founder and Host of The Texas Conflict Coach®. This global online radio program has been running since April 2009 to educate the public on how to negotiate, embrace and manage conflict courageously and constructively.

Patricia provides executive coaching to C-Suite, Senior Executive Service leaders and managers with a focus on addressing conflict, abrasive and bullying behaviors, and conflict avoidant leadership. As a conflict management coach, she has worked with federal agency executives working at NASA Centers, EPA, Transportation Security Administration, Department of Interior, and USDA-Forest Service. She has also coached Presidents, CEOs and Managers of multi-billion dollar family businesses, researchers and scientists from state and federal agencies.

In addition to her extensive conflict coaching experience, Patricia is a highly experienced workplace/EEO mediator, team facilitator and senior trainer. Her extensive experience has provided numerous opportunities to mentor Navy mediators, new conflict coaches throughout the U.S. and Canada, and group intervention facilitators at the Department of Homeland Security – Transportation Security Administration.

Currently, Patricia teaches conflict management coaching to graduate students at the Southern Methodist University Dispute Resolution Program in Plano, Texas. She is also the Immediate Past President for the Texas Association of Mediators and an Ambassador and certified facilitator for the Soliya Virtual Connect Cross-Cultural Dialogue Program sponsored by the United Nations and Search for Common Ground.

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