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Membership Call to Action!!

With the Presidential Election behind us you have likely heard the term “Fiscal Cliff” all over the news. But what does it mean?

With the Bush Tax cuts set to expire on December 31st and Sequestration (spending cuts) across the board coming on Jan 2 nd our Country is facing a very real crisis when the two collide called the fiscal cliff.  It is important to note that sweeping budget cuts will likely affect small business government contractors first.

Nick Wakeman of Washington Technology says.. “But, for now, we sit and wait and hope that a sense of duty pushes Congress and the White House to act. Remember: a lame duck session doesn't have to be lame.”

Women of NAWBO I ask you…why “SIT AND WAIT”?   Let’s do something about it.
Recently the White House Business Council contacted me to write a piece about the fiscal cliff and asked me to attempt to get it published locally.   If I do, they will then distribute that piece throughout Washington DC.   As we all know, there is strength in numbers.   Our team sees this as an opportunity that can be extended to ALL business owners and specifically the women of NAWBO-SA.

Today we would like to champion our members to write a letter to our political leaders encouraging them to address the looming fiscal cliff. We must act fast.

We have materials on this topic that we are happy to provide if you need inspiration (below is a short video) or you can use our letter template.  (If you write your own, please mention that you are a NAWBO member.)   You can send them out yourself or send them to the Public Policy Committee and we will mail them on to the appropriate person(s).

Please send them to local media outlets/papers.   If your piece gets published please send to us and we will forward it to our contact for possible distribution in Washington DC.

In short, what we are asking from you, our members is this:

    1. Would you write your own letter to Congress or use our template?
    2. Would you ask people you know to write one or use ours?
    3. Would you ask those same people to mail it and try to get it published?   Would you do
        the same?
    4. Would you or someone you know join our Public Policy Committee to give a voice to
        women business owners and make a positive impact on our country?

As you well know, we have to act fast to send a message to Congress demanding that they tackle this issue, before we fall off the fiscal cliff thereby further weakening our economic position.

Nancy Victor, NAWBO-SA President Elect
Nancy Victor
NAWBO-San Antonio Public Policy Chair
NAWBO-San Antonio President-Elect

Posted by Nancy Victor, NAWBO-SA President Elect on 14th November, 2012 | Comments | Trackbacks

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