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CALL TO ACTION: Affordable Care Act – Healthcare Reform – Small Business Impact

August 27, 2013
Re: Affordable Care Act – Healthcare Reform – Small Business Impact

Earlier this month, several changes were announced, including a delay in implementation of new out-of-pocket limits for plans. While those delays temporarily alleviate some of ACA’s requirements, there is one item, a Congressional amendment, that we feel is worth your immediate attention.

This amendment, filed as H.R. 2995, would repeal the cap that has been placed on deductibles for small group plans. A summary of the bill is available online, along with an option to support the repeal of this limit.

We feel this amendment is appropriate as it may:
  1. Support current strategies that are used by small business employers and that have proven to be successful in providing effective coverage;
  2. Help prevent premiums from increasing even further on small employer plans   - by as much as 30-40% in some estimates; and
  3. Help maintain the flexibility that makes HSA’s and HRAs attractive.

The new $2,000 limit on deductibles for small groups could bring about an unintended consequence if small employers find they cannot financially afford to continue offering health care coverage to their employees. Additionally, this limitation does not apply to large employers, which some believe is inequitable.

Please consider corresponding with your legislative representatives about supporting this Congressional amendment. By simply clicking the links above and filling out the on-line form your voice can be heard.


Lynn Weirich
NAWBO-San Antonio Public Policy Director

Posted by Lynn Weirich, NAWBO San Antonio Public Policy Director on 23rd August, 2013 | Comments | Trackbacks
Tags: employee health care coverage, small group plans, small business impact, affordable care act, healthcare reform, public policy

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