This month, our Public Policy Advocates bring to our attention to SUICIDE PREVENTION

Suicide is a problem that impacts everyone regardless of profession, education, age or race.  Many of us either know someone who has either attempted or died by suicide, including our employees.  Our ADVOCACY committee wants to let you know that suicide is preventable. One step is to mitigate stress, fears, and loneliness by seeking help early.  Together, we can help reduce suicide rates by becoming more informed about the warning signs for others who may be at risk and providing resources to our NAWBO sisters to help you support your family and employees.

Recognize the warning signs:

  1. Feeling extreme depression, guilt or shame.
  2. Feeling hopeless.
  3. Talking about, or preoccupation with, death or suicide.
  4. Preparing for death, such as updating a will, giving away possessions, or taking steps to access lethal means such as buying a firearm, acquiring quantities of pills/medications, or researching ways to die.
  5. Exhibiting a dramatic change in behavior, including withdrawal from friends or usual activities, increased substance use, decreased self-care, and difficulties sleeping or eating.

Know what resources are available:

  1. National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (24hrs/7 days a week)  1-800-273-8255
  2. Schedule an appointment with a mental health professional or a family physician.
  3. A full suicide assessment and medical care is also available at your nearest Emergency Room.
  4. The DHS Suicide Prevention page provides risk factors and other ways to assist anyone who may need help:

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