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Seal the Deal

October 18, 2018 2:17 PM | Graciela Urruchua (Administrator)

You’ve made a great connection, had a productive conversation over lunch or coffee, discussed your business, talked numbers, but then...you freeze. And the conversation comes to a sudden halt. Or maybe your conversations were had via email, and all of a sudden, the correspondences die down.

How do you close the sale? What can you do?

Here are 3 simple ways to ask for the sale and seal the deal.

1. Be real and confident, but never desperate

Asking for a sale can be intimidating. And if you feel intimidated, you may come across as uncertain, which could affect your ability to close the sale. Similarly, if you come across desperate, that could leave a bad impression on your prospect.

Be real and confident from the very beginning. Most people don’t like the feeling of being sold to. Although you want to be prepared, “coming off too calculated can turn people off.” So, you want to highlight your business’s benefits while also keeping your prospect’s best interest in mind. Think of how you might recommend a product to a friend or family member. You want your potential client or customer to feel confident about his/her decision.

2. Create a sense of urgency

This technique is a little more nuanced. Meaning, if presented incorrectly, it could come across desperate. You should never make your prospect feel cornered and pressured into making a deal.

So, how do you create a sense of urgency without sounding desperate?

Focus on the immediate value or benefit. For example, you can say something like “If we finalize this contract today, I can move you up to the top of my project list and get started right away.”

You can also give your prospect a deadline for a specific deal or incentive. Still, you don’t want to rush your prospect, but you may want to throw in a little extra something to give him/her “a little extra reason why your product or service is the right choice, and the right choice right now.”

3. Ask for the sale in a open-ended way

Rather than asking for the sale as a “yes” or “no” question, ask for it as an open-ended question. For instance, “It sounds like either [service ABC] or [service XYZ] might fit your needs. Which one do you think you would benefit from the most?”

Another example would be to ask a question like, “What next steps would you like to take?”

By asking a question that’s open-ended, you allow your prospect to think how he/she can benefit from your business.

Your prospect sees value in your business, so you should never feel intimidated or scared to ask for a sale. Of course, you may have rejections here and there, but hopefully, these tips will help you feel more confident to seal the deal.

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