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Customer Satisfaction

November 26, 2018 6:11 PM | Graciela Urruchua (Administrator)

Customer satisfaction surveys can give businesses great insight into what’s working and what’s not, and they can be a valuable tool for helping your business grow. Sometimes customer satisfaction surveys can feel like just a checkbox-- something to check off the list with a customer. But-- are you getting the most out of your customer satisfaction surveys? Are you getting the responses you need to make actionable changes?

Whether you’re just getting your business off the ground, or you think it’s time for a survey audit, here are some common mistakes to avoid when it comes to customer satisfaction surveys.

Mistake #1: The survey is too long

A survey that is too long may turn off customers from filling it out. As well, a survey that has many open-ended questions may look too daunting for a customer. You want your survey to be long enough to give you useful data, but short enough that is doesn’t take up too much of your customers’ time. Think about your customer. For instance, is your customer a busy mom on-the-go? If so, a 20-question survey may not be the best route.

Mistake #2: Expectations are not set

However you invite your customers to fill out your survey, be sure to set expectations upfront. Set expectations for length, as well as benefits (for you and/or the customer).  For example, if sending an email, you can let them know how long the survey is (5 questions) or how long it should take them to complete (2 minutes). Your customers will appreciate the heads-up.

Include a simple sentence that states what the survey is for. Is it to better serve customers? Continue to make positive changes? Let your customers know how their feedback is important and useful to you.

Mistake #3: You ask more than one thing per question

When writing your customer satisfaction survey questions, you don’t want your questions to be misleading or confusing. Don’t try to lump 2 questions into 1. Simple, easy-to-understand questions will yield the best responses.

Mistake #4: Ignoring patterns or not making changes

Once you have a good pool of survey responses, take notice of patterns when you read through them. Is there a certain area that your business shines? Is there something that could use improvement? As a business, you’re meant to grow and change as your customers’ needs change, and you could miss out on valuable insight and growth if you don’t do anything with the feedback you get from your customers.

Customer satisfaction surveys can strengthen the bond with your customers, which can lead to higher customer retention. And with strong customer relationships, you’re able to create advocates for your brand/business, which in turn, can lead to business growth.

If you want to check out some examples of great customer satisfaction surveys, check out these excellent examples from well-known companies. Don’t let this little detail go unchecked. You deserve to get the most out of your customer satisfaction survey responses.

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