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How to Craft the Perfect Elevator Pitch

March 15, 2019 1:16 PM | Graciela Urruchua (Administrator)

It’s the question that can pop up anywhere, anytime, with anyone: “So, what do you do?”

At this point, you have a minute (maybe seconds) to briefly explain the value of your business. This is where your perfectly-crafted elevator pitch comes in. Your elevator pitch should be brief (no more than 60 seconds) but also explain what you do, why you do it, and who you do it for. That’s a lot of information, and if you don’t have a pre-crafted elevator pitch, you could find yourself rambling in circles and coming across unconfident and disorganized. So, take some time to sit down and carefully construct your elevator pitch, and you’ll come across like the pro you are!

Here’s how you can craft that perfect elevator pitch for your next networking event, meeting, or to just have in your back pocket at all times.

Start with the basics

Grab a blank piece of paper or open up a blank document on your computer. Write down these 5 questions:

1. Who am I?

2. What do I do?

3. How do I do it?

4. Why do I do it?

5. Who do I do it for?

Then, answer each question in just one or two sentences. Here, you should identify a problem, and then present you and your business as the solution to that problem.

After you have your answers, start to piece it all together. For instance, your pitch might sound something like: “I’m Name McLast-Name, and I’m the owner of Awesome Mobile Salon for Dogs. Our mobile salon visits the homes of dog owners where we offer full-service grooming at an affordable price. Our clients love the convenience of never having to leave home, and their fur-babies are more comfortable in their own environment…” and so on …

Write it out. Then edit. And edit some more.

Write out your pitch, and then start to edit. Read it out loud to see if it flows seamlessly and sounds natural. If the blank page intimidates you, talk it out! Record yourself talking, and then listen back and write it down.

Cut out unnecessary words or any industry-jargon. Your pitch may take several edits, but it will be worth it in the end.

Tailor to the audience

After that you have a pretty solid pitch, think about the different variations you may need. For instance, how you pitch your business to a potential client may be slightly different from how you pitch your business to your neighbor or to a group at a networking event.

Think about 2 or 3 audiences you interact with the most, and personalize your pitch to each of those audiences.

Practice. Practice. Practice.

The key to a perfectly-crafted elevator pitch is practice. Record yourself giving your pitch. Or watch yourself in the mirror. Notice how your hands move, your body language, etc. Do you have a lot of “ums” or awkward tongue-twisters?

Practice your elevator pitch until it essentially becomes second nature-- kind of like how you give out basic information at a doctor’s office. With a solid, perfectly-practiced pitch, you will come across confident, effortless, and authoritative.

Your elevator pitch is like a quick commercial for your business. And if done right, it can lead to awesome connections and business opportunities.

So, ready to give your elevator pitch a whirl?

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