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Leadership and Self-Reflection

April 12, 2021 3:27 PM | Anonymous

Self-Reflection is a habit that most people overlook. We are usually taught to look at our lives in terms of what is happening to us instead of how we are happening to our lives.

I find that many leaders start with assessing the external circumstances, systems, and problems instead of taking the time to perform a self-assessment in order to pinpoint the ways in which their own thoughts, emotions, and actions have played a significant role in the present outcome. This style of leadership creates the tendency to blame, analyze, and control others in order to get results.

When you view your role as a leader as being an instrument of influence and growth, you can begin to look at your sphere of influence as highly affected by the way in which you respond to and navigate through the relationships and opportunities that may pose as challenges.

In our culture, we experience leaders who are looking for whom to blame rather than looking objectively and responsibly, and collectively to find solutions.

I encourage you to practice more self-reflection in your sphere of influence. This practice is not only to address problems, but it is more powerful when it becomes a consistent practice to help you to continually improve your leadership presence and communication.

Here are some questions that you can pose in your moments of self-reflection:

       What is going well in my life and why?

       What is my energy level?

       Am I creating “win-win” scenarios?

       Was my communication clear and impactful?

       Am I asking for feedback?

There are just a few questions that you can begin to start asking yourself in order to open up your sense of self-awareness and efficacy in your area of influence.


Bonita is an Inspirational Speaker, Empowerment Coach, and Leadership Developer. As a result of working with her, clients have gained clarity about who they are, what they want, and the confidence to pursue those desires.

Bonita is able to help clients by her ability to “hear beyond the surface” of what the clients describe. Her intuitive ear and coaching style allow for her to connect with her clients as well as verbalize what they are feeling.

If you'd like a complimentary consultation on strategies to strengthen your self-leadership, click the link to schedule with me:

"What you've been dealt is not what you're entitled to live out!"

- Bonita Owens

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