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Congratulations to our
2014 ESA Winners!!!

2014 ESA Winnners

From left to right: Carroll Dorsey-Walker (Bejeweled by Carroll Dorsey-Walker) - Innovator,  Jacqueline Scalf (360 Impressions, LLC) - Rising Star , Shirley Crandall (Crandall & Associates) - Benefactor , Nancy Victor - President, Jan Tilley (Jan Tilley & Associates) - Mentor, T.J. Haygood (Confidential Search Solutions) - Inspirational,  Lita Salazar (KBSA Enterprises, Inc.) - Visionary

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Thursday, July 24, 2014
Women Mean Business

The Power of Conflict Resolution
Petroleum  Club

Tuesday, August 5, 2014
Brown Bag Series
Amegy Bank

Thursday, August 7, 2014
Member Orientation
Magnolia Pancake Haus

Propels women entrepreneurs into economic, social and political spheres of power
worldwide by:

 •  Strengthening the wealth creating capacity of our members and promoting
    economic development within the entrepreneurial community
 •  Creating innovative and effective change in the business culture
 •  Building strategic alliances, coalitions and affiliations
 •  Transforming public policy and influencing opinion makers

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A NAWBO membership offers women-owned businesses a national and local platform to tap into the power of an already established community of women entrepreneurs. NAWBO-SA is about your company’s success in finding the right resources, connections, or even perspective to help take your business to the next level.

An investment in a NAWBO membership provides a portfolio of benefits that propel business growth and fuel personal and professional development. NAWBO is an unparalleled resource for women entrepreneurs seeking to navigate the various stages of business growth. Join us at our next event to learn more about NAWBO-SA, be it celebrating San Antonio’s Entrepreneurial Spirit Awards, mentoring a teen woman through Entrepreneurial Connections, becoming a Million Dollar Roundtable member, or participating in our Executive Partner Program to further support your fellow business owners. However you wish to participate and connect, our focus is on your future business success. 

Interested in supporting women-owned
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NAWBO-SA invites corporations to form a strategic alliance with the only organization that represents exclusively the interests of San Antonio’s 53,000+ women entrepreneurs. By supporting NAWBO you have a unique opportunity to build a strong and fiercely loyal brand platform, support the growth and success of San Antonio’s network of women entrepreneurs, and become a part of a dynamic community of women dedicated to building a legacy of entrepreneurial excellence.

We offer numerous ways to connect with women businesses through partnerships and sponsorship opportunities including the Entrepreneurial Spirit Awards and Entrepreneurial Connections.






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NAWBO-SA Member Since 2005

Melanie Kirk, Partner

Melanie Kirk
As President of NAWBO-SA it is my distinct honor to select a Member of the Year…a new tradition to our Chapter. With so many outstanding women volunteers it is no easy task. This honor however, goes to the woman that truly stands out. One whose consistent dedication to the Chapter, loyalty to fellow leaders, gifts of time, talent and resources, is beyond compare. 

Melanie Kirk, CPA, Partner at ATKG CPAs, is a NAWBO-San Antonio member since 2005,  an Executive Member Partner,  and Director of the Entrepreneurial Connections-Fostering the Entrepreneurial Dream (EC-FED - teen mentoring) Program. Melanie took the reins of the EC-FED program for almost four years and has helped to grow the program each year. We recognize all that she has done for area teen girls, and continues to do on behalf of NAWBO San Antonio.

Melanie Kirk of ATKG, is the recipient of our second Member of the Year Award. We are very fortunate to call Melanie a friend, fellow entrepreneur and advocate of NAWBO.

Thank you Melanie for serving as a true leader and mentor within our organization.

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NAWBO-SA Partner Since 2004

Being a proud supporter and a long history partnership of NAWBO – SA, we strive to make their mission a reality. Whether it is scholarships, professional training, mentoring or providing networking opportunities, along with NAWBO-SA, H-E-B is able to create the bridge to assist women owned businesses grow and become successful entities in our community.

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Join Organization for Professional Women Business Owners | NAWBO-SA

Organization for Professional Women Business Owners | NAWBO-SA

Organization for Professional Women Business Owners | NAWBO-SA

Organization for Professional Women Business Owners | NAWBO-SA

Organization for Professional Women Business Owners | NAWBO-SA

Organization for Professional Women Business Owners | NAWBO-SA