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Applicable for ALL women leaders in business, not just business owners!

May 7, 2024


Build Your Own Table

This theme focuses on empowering women to create their own paths in leadership and entrepreneurship.

It's about challenging the status quo and encouraging participants to forge their own way rather than waiting for a seat at existing tables. 



Strength and Barriers (Hammer & Saw)

  • "Empower your inner architect with the 'Strength and Barriers' track. Just as a hammer drives nails to construct a robust foundation, this track inspires you to harness your innate strength and determination, transforming ideas into impactful realities. The saw symbolizes your boldness to slice through obstacles, encouraging you to carve distinct paths, turn challenges into prospects, and boldly redefine your professional journey. It's a call to build, shape, and redefine with the tools of resilience and vision."

Planning and Vision (Ruler)

  • "Navigate the blueprint of success with the 'Planning and Vision' track. The ruler, an emblem of precision and alignment, reflects the meticulous planning and clear vision essential for effective leadership. This track emphasizes the importance of setting measurable goals, monitoring progress, and aligning every step with your overarching vision. It's about drawing straight lines towards your objectives, ensuring every action is measured and every goal is within reach. Embark on a journey of strategic planning and visionary thinking, mapping out a path to triumph with the precision of a ruler."

Focus & Alignment (Wrench)

  • "Embrace the mechanics of success with the 'Focus & Alignment' track. The wrench, a symbol of precision and adjustment, represents your ability to tighten your focus on critical goals and align your actions with your ultimate objectives. This track is about gripping your ambitions firmly, fine-tuning your strategies, and ensuring a tight alignment between efforts and aspirations. It invites you to adjust your approach like a skilled mechanic, ensuring that every turn moves you closer to your targets, and reinforces your resolve to overcome obstacles with the steadfast grip of determination."

Balance & Growth (Level & Measure)

  • "Navigate the dual paths of steady equilibrium and dynamic expansion with the 'Balance & Growth' track. The tape measure reflects the unending journey of personal and professional growth – a continuous stretch of expanding skills, broadening networks, and evolving business landscapes. It symbolizes the essence of entrepreneurship: constantly measuring, extending, and surpassing your limits. Meanwhile, the level brings into focus the crucial aspect of balance in leadership. It represents the art of maintaining harmony - skillfully balancing life and work, risk and reward, innovation and stability. This track is a guide to managing a level-headed approach in all your pursuits, ensuring that growth is matched with stability, and every decision is weighed with precision and foresight. Embrace this journey of measuring your strides in growth while keeping your perspectives evenly balanced, fostering a journey marked by sustained success and effective leadership."

Table Builders for 2024

Table Builders

$100 donation to NAWBO Summit 

Design a Table Centerpiece (Highlighting Summit Theme) and be a table builder at Summit. 

Email or look here for more info!

What is a table builder.... check out this video!

Table Builders for 2024

Thank you to our sponsors!



Committee Members: Carol Wheeler, Nisi Bennett, Susan Obregon, Vivan Maner, Suzanne Pack, Kasandra Vitacca Mitchell, Michelle DeStefano, Bonnie Grace, Erica Rempel, Christine Donovan. 

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